14th December 2023

Northern Trust Company Limited are pleased to welcome G6 Motion Control Ltd to their Montford Enterprise Centre in Salford, following the completion of c. 5,000 sq ft letting combining two adjacent units on a 10-year lease agreement. 

Montford Enterprise Centre is a popular development covering a total of 31,305 sq ft of modern business units which have recently undergone a substantial refurbishment programme.

G6 Motion Control Ltd provides the filmmaking industry with specialist services such as high-speed Cinema Robots, Tracking vehicles, Steaadicam, Virtual Production and Motion Controlled rigs.

Director at G6 Motion Control Ltd, Ramzan Anwar commented “The specialist equipment we provide isn’t the easiest to get hold of, especially if you are looking for one company to provide more than one. That’s where we come in, all our tools are under one roof so we become a one-stop shop for agencies and production companies. We collaborate with innovative brands and artists to make films, commercials and music videos that look like no other. We strive to break the boundaries of what’s possible and love it when people say ‘it can’t be done’.

Within 5 years G6Moco has gone from one singular motion control unit to now having the widest selection in The UK (perhaps Europe). With constant development, fabrication and investments in new services we had outgrown our space significantly.

We were in the market for about a year or two to locate the perfect area which we could grow the business into. We needed somewhere large enough to house all our specialist services and another joining unit/space where we could look to open up a brand new film studio. Opening up a new film studio will go hand in hand with our current offering and will allow us to expand the business. The future looks bright now we have taken the leap and moved into our new space at Montford Enterprise Centre, and we can't wait to draw more productions up to Manchester ideally providing more work and exposure for the crew in the local area.

We chose the space at Montford as firstly, having two brand new units next to each other was a big plus. This was perfect for what we wanted to do - one unit for our kit, fabrication and office and a completely separate unit to launch a new film studio. Secondly, the location! Located right behind Media City and minutes away from our preferred rental house. It was a gem of a find.” For more details please visit the website at https://www.g6moco.com/

Montford Enterprise Centre is a well-established scheme located in an ideal position off West Ashton Street in Salford, Manchester, close to Media City, Trafford Park and Manchester City Centre. 

Victoria Anderton, Asset Manager at Northern Trust added “I am delighted we were able to facilitate G6 Motion Control Ltd’s expansion plans by providing adjoining units from which they can utilise the space and continue to grow. Providing modern business space, Montford Enterprise Centre is now home to 8 different companies, and there are only 2 units that remain available. We have had strong interest in the remaining space and I am confident the scheme will be fully occupied in the near future.”

For more details on Montford Enterprise Centre or to register your interest in the available space please contact Northern Trust’s North West regional office on  01257 238666 or via email at northwest@northerntrust.co.uk  


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