17th December 2010

Northern Trust, the company behind plans to provide a new public park and housing at the former Ingol Golf Course, has recently commissioned a survey of Preston residents aimed at testing attitudes towards the development. The survey is the latest part in the consultation process and highlights Northern Trust’s continued efforts to involve the local community in shaping its proposals for the currently private land.


The survey used four methods – a questionnaire at a stall on Preston Market, a door-to-door survey of 250 randomly selected properties, a telephone survey of 500 randomly selected properties, and a 17,000 leaflet drop to houses in Preston via the Preston Free Press.


The clearest message coming from the results that there now appears to be much more support for the proposals than there was at the original consultation event last February. The latest survey found that the majority of respondents are now in favour of the development, with a larger proportion of residents living in close proximity to the site supporting the plans. The survey found that the majority of respondents clearly identified a need for more affordable housing in Preston and felt that the proposals will contribute towards greater provision.


Other findings included:


  • A strong message about the need to protect Preston’s Green Belt and open countryside areas from development (the former Ingol Golf club is not Green Belt land)
  • A majority of respondents said that the outline proposals to develop 25% of the land into housing and new community facilities are acceptable.


A spokesperson from Northern Trust commented “We wanted to gauge attitudes to housing development in Preston, particularly in Ingol, and the survey clearly shows there are many different and sometimes contradictory opinions. However, we are pleased that people are starting to realise that our proposal will bring massive affordable housing and community benefits to both the local area and Preston in general. In addition, development of this sustainable urban site will reduce pressure on more sensitive Green Belt and open countryside land.”


The spokesperson continued “We take heart from the responses of those who say that there is a clear need for more affordable housing in Preston. The Ingol development would provide 550 new homes, with approximately 110 of these being affordable, aimed at helping local first time buyers onto the property ladder.”


As part of the outline planning application submitted by Northern Trust, over 75% of the   private site will be opened up for public use. The area covering over 128 acres is bigger than Moor Park, and represents the largest gift of private land for access by the local community. The plans also include scope for the creation of a range of community facilities, and Northern Trust will work closely with local groups to bring the most appropriate of these forward should the proposal be granted permission.


Northern trust is committed to investing in the local area, and is urging the Council to review the planning application on its evident merits and with a view to providing continued economic growth in Preston.


The findings of the survey will be made available to Preston City Council and relevant stakeholders.


For more information and to view the fly through video please visit the dedicated website www.ingolvision.co.uk.




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Press Enquiries to Rosalyn Booth/Jonathan Livesey, Northern Trust, 01257 238555.

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