Clifton Drive North

SOLD - Blackpool

A 39 acre, former holiday camp site situated close to Blackpool Airport. Phase 1 covers approximately 21 acres of the site, with phase 2 covering approximately 8.5 acres, leaving 9.5 acres of residual land.





  • Former Pontin's Holiday Camp, situated on the outskirts of Blackpool, adjacent to the promendade and Blackpool Airport.
  • The site was closed in 2008 after a long period of unsustainable losses and falling visitor numbers.
  • Northern Trust actively looked for alternative use whilst working within existing planning and physical contraints, for example the proximity of Blackpool Airport.
  • The sites close proximity to Blackpool Airport and the SSSI at Lytham sand dunes made regeneration options difficult, resulting in a protected planning process.


  • A number of regeneration options were considered with residential development proposals favoured, due to location and need.
  • A detailed consultation exercise was undertaken with key Stake Holders including the Local Authority and Airport representatives to formulate the design for a residential scheme. The plans also provided the additional benefits of a 'no fly safety zone' to protect future expansion of the airport.


  • Outline planning consent for Phase 1 covering 275 new homes was granted in May 2011, with phase 2 covering 73 homes granted in June 2011.
  • 31 acres of the site has been sold to Persimmon Homes, subject to detailed planning. 


Location - Clifton Drive North

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